She was honest with us.

Sue is cool. We looked at about 11 or 12 properties with her, over five or six weeks… Some of them were “not so great” (hey, it happens!) – but Sue understood right away whenever they weren’t what we wanted – and she didn’t try to sugar coat it!! I feel she was honest with us. I never felt  like we were working with a salesperson… rather, it was like working with a more-experienced advisor. Her advice was valuable. When the “right” home finally turned up on the market, we found out about it right away because Sue found it first and texted me immediately! And she was right – it was exactly what we wanted! So we decided to make an offer.. During this process I asked about 100 questions, and Sue was helpful in answering them & guiding our offer. She even offered a little bit of advice that proved invaluable in getting our offer selected over several others (but that’s another story 😉 Finding a house is really hard and it takes some time… There will be tense moments and tough decisions… But you’ll be okay as long as you have a realtor who’s friendly, casual, and honest 🙂 Sue was all of these things for us – and we’re really happy with our new place! –Ken